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The Woman ~ yushukpui

Category: Video

To YU, the patriarchal society constructs women as passive objects. It regulates the female body through steretyping and therefore generates limitations in theor world. Society may take contradicting stances. At times, it protects the female. But at other times, it may hurt them. Social conditioning, whether good-willed or bad willed, limits women's freedom and frames their mind. Under patriarchal control, it is nessary for women to leave the men's control and break out of the frame. Fillary, they are reborn with the autonmy of the female body. There are a man and a woman in the performance. Using different color to represent their position. The main motions included that a man kept slapping woman and shaved her all hair. These two behaviors fully represent the concept. The artist, YU Shuk Pui, also participates in the performance show because she wanted to escape the menís grasp and break the frame in her real life. The final part of this performance, she put down the hair clippers, raised herself from the stool, broke the tape barrier surrounding the stool and left the scene. The performance was over and the female character was freed from confinement. There also has a article mentioned the situation in that night and it is written by Patraick S. Ford. Video: OBSERVE: The Woman Performance and Video 120cm(L) x 160cm(W) 2014 10th March, 2014 19:00 Venue: 100ft. Park Gallery Performers: CHAN Kin Long, YU Shuk Pui Photography: YU Ying Nai, SHING Tsz Fung Cinematography: TSANG Hing Weng Eric

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