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Too Busy 2014 ~ Binita Walia

Category: Sculpture

My Grandmother was a spunky woman. She disobeyed her whole family to run away and marry my Grandfather. They were from different castes in Gujarat and in the end, the man her parents wanted her to marry realised she only loved my Grandfather and he helped her run away. Eventually they left for Uganda and had a family there. In the 1950’s she started to decorate this chiffon Sari and must have been too busy raising her family and working to complete it. I wanted to carry on where my grandmother left off, but instead of flowers I have painted my lists onto the sari. Painted in the same low tech way she would have done in the 1950’s. To imprint this historical, beautiful family artefact with the daily chores of the ‘Modern Woman’ brings the past and present together in gentle collision resulting in a Sari which no one would want to wear as it contrasts with the desire to be perceived as glamorous. I am revealing the banal domesticity and juggle between home and work that is normally not discussed or acknowledged.

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Photo 1 of Too Busy 2014 Sculpture
Photo 2 of Too Busy 2014 Sculpture

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