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Figure 2.1 ~ Neringa Dastoor

Category: Other

Part of series 'Figure' (template, stencil) Costumes embrace Enfold the popular operator Factory conveyer worker WW2 post culture. Costumes imitate Dominant block architecture Common home, Incidental pleasure. Figure 2.1 is designed based on the elements of the past generations with intention to act as an agent in search for unvisited internal freedom through current external territories. Grandma enjoyed early and late, early and late shifts with her workmates at a conveyer belt in a factory until she retired. My ideologic childhood Socialist world educated society through pre-designed slogans around. The discourse of physical spaces promoted intelligent simplicity and dignity which turned out to be my first space to call home and not a block. Not a flat block, grey, cold or concrete. Once a space becomes home it remains home. THE ELEMENTS making it home remain elements naturally - colour, texture, shape, size, temperature, weight, light, airy, cozy, fun, full of adventure, safe.

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