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Paper Chain Dolls ~ Wendy

Category: Sculpture

Paper Chain Dolls (Wax, papier mache, acrylic eyes, 200 x 110 x 30cm) explores the fragility of childhood and of childhood memories and communicates nostalgia for a childhood past. These ideas are echoed in the use of the materials; the wax faces and the papier mache bodies provide a clear metaphor for the fragile nature of childhood memories and directly reference the wax and papier mache dolls from the past, whilst the inclusion of old comic books references more personal memories. Making paper chain dolls is a timeless children’s activity and reminds us of a simpler and more innocent age. The memory theme is further explored as one of the faces is based on a photograph of me as a child and another is based on my daughter when she was a similar age. These figures are placed at each end of the paper chain and represent a memorial to our separate childhoods as well as an acknowledgement of our connection through shared memories.

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Photo 1 of Paper Chain Dolls Sculpture
Photo 2 of Paper Chain Dolls Sculpture
Photo 3 of Paper Chain Dolls Sculpture

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