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Three Christines (1 of 3)

by Fionn Wilson :: Contact :: Portfolio

One of a series of three giclee prints (with overpainting) in the style of a situationist poster, based on an original painting by myself of sixties icon Christine Keeler, with quotes from Raoul Vaneigem's 'Revolution of Everyday Life'.

Situationism, a political/artistic movement rooted in the sixties, critiques 21st century capitalism, and proposes that through objectification life is reduced to a 'spectacle' of images which we are ultimately alienated from.

The idea behind the work was to deploy 'détournement' and hijack a dominant image of Christine so that, rather than support the status quo, the image is subverted to put across a more oppositional message.

Giclee print of original painting with overpainting (acrylic) on Hahnemühle Turner 310gsm fine art paper
50 x 40 cm

  Three Christines (1 of 3)


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