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What do I Really Need to Live?

by Claudia Borgna :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

Video Performance
Year: 2014
Camera: Claudia Borgna
Editing Claudia Borgna
Duration: 00:10:14

Description: In this work the artist aims at provoking a visceral bodily experience through digital media (video) while also questioning western society’s needs and ways if living. From inside a giant paper bag that she constructed out of recycled paper bags, she performs breathing. The big paper bag prop together with the video formed an installation exhibited at Human Resources in 2014 where the audience was invited to crawl inside the primordial cave-like-bag to watch the video. The show, titled: Rethink Environment Issue Part I, was curated by Martabel Wasserman.

  What do I Really Need to Live?


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