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Lake Geneva 1980

by Elaine Newington Ward :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

The picture was created to illustrate a book of poems about a fisherman. The poet decided not to publish and does not wish to be acknowledged.

The poet remembers a long-gone day when he should have realised a truth in his life but failed to do so. He reminisces about a visit to Lac Lemon where the fish did not bite. His regrets are evident as he compares his lack of personal insight with his ability to see and appreciate the scenery and the fish in the lake.

The simple postcard is my invention to portray the concept of the poem. The faceless person in a faded photograph suggests the implicit involvement of another being at a sadly remembered moment. The crumpled appearance of the postcard adds to the pathos tangibly emphasising the poet's inability to let go. In conclusion he says, 'I failed to see the truth that day, the fish untouched in fact touched me'. This simple digital image in shade of moody blue becomes a representation of an intensely regretted revelation.

  Lake Geneva 1980


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