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by Elaine Newington Ward :: Contact :: Portfolio

Sticklebacks - The picture was created to illustrate a poem about the thoughts of a fisherman. The poet does not wish to be acknowledged.

This poem relates the wistful memory of catching and keeping sticklebacks in a jar. The poet reminisces about their appearance and position in both his room and his life. He remembers the feel of them and compares their vibrancy to the mundanity of his existence.

My digital illustration shows the poet's identification with the sticklebacks as totally unified. His early desire to have their colourful life is revisited as he takes on their attributes. Whether the hands are returning the jar to the shelf or taking it down is left for the viewer to decide. This openendedness extends the story that finishes with the words, 'I watched them breathe through gaping mouths, I watched them stop, grow dull and die.'



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