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The Weight of Music

by Elaine Newington Ward :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

The weight of Music -
The picture was created to illustrate a book of poems about a fisherman. The poet decided not to publish and does not wish to be acknowledged..

This poem is about the passing of time and repetition of life's tune through eternity on through history, on through time. The poet alludes to the increasing speed of life and weight of the music that 'cannot stop'.

I have used a photograph of a river in full flow to illustrate the speed of passing time and the inevitability of continuation. The solid bridge over the river, an ancient construction, which has witnessed life on through history, on through time, personifies the static fisherman who perceives all of time rushing past. Over the bridge the people pass, they seem as one a melded form. Here they also include the traffic speeding by. My interpretation of the poet's words adds a second layer to the poem in referencing the current habit of playing and/or carrying actual music wherever we go. The picture emphasises the continual movement, which is the theme of the poem. The river rushes towards us, in conflicting contrast the people dash to left and right while the bridge stands squarely and immovable We've heard it all, but listen on.

  The Weight of Music


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