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Cold Blood , Cold Heart

by Elaine Newington Ward :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

Cold Blood, Cold Heart
A digital picture created to illustrate poem (by a person who wishes to remain anonymous) about the thoughts of a fisherman.

"A line withdrawn has many hooks,
So many possibilities.
And some have caught and some have not:
Emotions lipped on passing words.

On passing words which offer up
A glimpse beneath the surface skin,
Then gone, withdrawn: a dream to tease,
To tantalise and vanish.

And some of them are cold within,
And some leave meanings shed like scales."

The digital image is composed entirely of hollow words, platitudes and obvious lies on a scaley background. The shape of a fish floats out of the words, which are in the mind of the poet, leaving a hollow magnified space beneath.

  Cold Blood , Cold Heart


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