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Sea of Souls, 2009

by Marcela Trsova :: Contact :: Portfolio

Sea of Souls, 2009
Copper wire, coloured salt crystals, installation of 13 fish, and each approx. 10cm x 60cm.

Fish is symbol of water, associated with cyclical birth and rebirth. They inhabit water in the deep of the sea, lakes, rivers which symbolize unconscious they thus embody the \'live\' material from the depth of one\'s soul or personality. In Christianity Christ\'s apostles are metaphorically depicted as ?fishers of men\'. Souls for conversion are fish to be caught. However does the fish want to be caught or would it rather be swimming free in the sea?

Salt has long been a sacred substance. Mined in earth or evaporated from ocean water in shallow basins it is intimately connected with life and death, creation and destruction and the feminine aspect of earth energies. Salt is composed of regular six sided cubes this square structures relate the salt to Earth.
Salt is necessary for life yet its overabundance of it causes death. It is sterilizing, purifying and cleansing. It is used as preservative for food yet it is corrosive to materials such metals. It is related to the element of earth (as well as seawater which is a combination of the two elements.) Its powers are protective and it is a symbol of immortality, incorruptibility. Salt is often associated with sea water, moon and female deities.
Copper represent in many cultures the fundamental element of water the vital principal of all things and also light. As a symbol of water copper is often associated with life fertility cycles and feminine energy and like salt it is also associated with the mythical goddess Venus and Aphrodite. It is known as a conductor of energy in conjunction with salt water solution to produce electricity. It is also widely used in healing due to its ability to balance the body\'s polarity some research suggest this is perhaps due to the salt content of blood.

  Sea of Souls, 2009
Sea of Souls, 2009
Sea of Souls, 2009


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