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Another Call

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Another Call has been inspired by my fascination with the development of the senses and how humans and animals are able to use and learn through them even before birth.
Here I have focused on the sense of hearing.
Until a few decades ago it was believed that human embryos were unable to hear, smell or feel pain. Through advanced technology however, scientists are now revealing bit by bit what babies inside the womb are able to perceive and learn. It is, for example, now known that an unborn baby can not only distinguish its mother’s voice and language (its future mother tongue) from other voices, but is also able to memorize melodies the mother listened to repeatedly during pregnancy.
Comparing this to the animal world, I have also been fascinated by the hatching process of birds, especially by the moment a gosling breaks through the membrane of the egg into the air chamber, starts breathing with its lungs and produces its first sounds (which are then answered by the mother).
Fusing these ideas together in one image made me think of and produce the first of a range of possible answers on how something as abstract and invisible as sound and music can be visualized in connection to a figurative image.

  Another Call
Another Call


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