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Oil on canvas. 24 x 48 ins.

I painted this series of 8 oil paintings by freezing and scrutinising moments from utube videos. For me, a fragment of digital time has a visual fascination when you remove the sound. And a partial view of a face in motion is a powerful subject for an observational painting.

I have a condition called Laryngeal Dystonia which causes fragmentation and interruption of speech. Being heard, let alone understood, can be a struggle. When I watch other people’s conversations I am sensitive to a political dimension: some people get to be heard more loudly and frequently than others.

When I freeze frame images of Trump in mid-speech, the visual interruptions reveal undercurrents of rage, hunger for attention and even desperation. The underlying emotion is palpable.

There is an argument that we don’t need satire any more because the political world has reached such a level of absurdity. There's a madness within the digital ways we receive and digest news and share opinions and speedy reactions.

Oil paint is a slow-drying, touch-sensitive medium and perfect to explore frozen moments from the vast quantities of digital speeches and talks, spewed out into public space. I want to paint this subject matter with the same level of scrutiny as a traditional vanitas.



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