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exhibition   Comments: 0

Posted on 2017-Feb-23   17:36   by   Catherine Taylor Parry (UID:2239)
'Different Horizons' an exhibition by Catherine Taylor Parry and 5 other North Wales Artists. At Theatre Clwyd, Mold. Flintshire.North Wales. March 6th-18th 2017 Everyone Welcome ... More

Hannah Wilke Marxism and Art: Beware of Fascist Feminism   Comments: 0

Posted on 2017-Feb-20   20:10   by   JoWOnder (UID:3)
Summary Wilke made the poster Marxism and Art: Beware of Fascist Feminism in response to an invitation in 1975, from the Center for Feminist Art Historical Studies (Los Angeles), to create a work of art for a project entitled What is Feminist Art? It was included in the exhibition of that name at ... More

Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932   Comments: 0

Posted on 2017-Feb-15   15:13   by   JoWOnder (UID:3)
Every revolution needs to have some art so start here:Royal Academy Of Arts: One hundred years on from the Russian Revolution, this powerful exhibition explores one of the most momentous periods in modern world history through the lens of its groundbreaking art. ... More

Women March London   Comments: 0

Posted on 2017-Jan-20   09:31   by   JoWOnder (UID:3)
This Friday, 20 January, Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States in what has been one of the most turbulent and divisive campaigns in modern history. In response, hundreds of women-led protests will happen across the globe to spread a message of inclusiveness and positiv ... More

The revolutionary artists of the 60s colourful counterculture   Comments: 0

Posted on 2017-Jan-12   13:26   by   JoWOnder (UID:3)
The year was 1967 and Mike McInnerney had been asked to design the poster for the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream, an event headlined by Pete Townshend, Pink Floyd and Yoko Ono. The gig at London's Alexandra Palace was an all-night 'free-speech benefit' for Europe's first underground newspaper, the Int ... More

BWA featured in a magazine   Comments: 1

Posted on 2016-Nov-18   05:02   by   Peter Blue (UID:1)   Last comment by Deleted (UID:2417)
The BWA art competition and prize-giving has been featured in the magazine "The Purpose of It" You can read it here The Purpose of It ... More

Clara Drummond won the BP portrait award last week for her work with fellow artist Kirsty Buchanan   Comments: 0

Posted on 2016-Jun-29   16:17   by   Peter Blue (UID:1)
Clara Drummond won the BP portrait award last week for her work with fellow artist Kirsty Buchanan You dont need to paint Kirsty any more, people told me, now you have won with this painting, laughed artist Clara Drummond this weekend following her receipt last week of the prestigious BP portra ... More


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