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The "Edit Artwork" page gives you a bit more flexibility and it also allows you to add more photos or delete them if needed.

  1. Click "Your Art". all the artwork that you have uploaded will appear.
  2. Click the artwork you wish to edit
  3. Click "Edit"
  4. The Status can be set to "Visible" or "Hidden" if you need to temporally remove your artwork.
  5. When you have finished click "Update"

If you wish to add more photos of a particular piece of artwork :-

  1. Go to the bottom of the page. You will see a link of photos, some might be blank eg "Waiting for photo".
  2. Click "Upload" on the first blank photo
  3. Click "Browse" and you will be shown a list of files on your PC
  4. Select the required photo and click "Upload"
  5. If the photo is too big you will see two options :-

    1. If you have uploaded the wrong photo by mistake click "Upload another photo"
    2. If its correct click "Resize photo". There will be a delay while this happens.

  6. Click "Accept photo" if all is well.
  7. You will be put back onto the Edit Artwork page where you should see all the photos for that piece of artwork.
  8. Sometimes you will see the previous photo there. This is your web browser caching it. Don't panic - it will show the new photo in a while.

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