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Social networking sites like FaceBook or Twitter allow you to connect with all kinds of people around the world. They also allow you to embed HTML (the language that web pages are written in) into peoples profiles and comment boxes.

If you view a piece of art on this site, you may have noticed some strange writing at the bottom of the page headed by :-

Here is the code if you want to link to this artwork

There are four headings :-

  1. URL - This is the web address of that particular piece of artwork. If you type (or copy-paste) this into your web browser, it will take you back to this page.

  2. HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language. This is what web pages are written in. This is the correct code you can put in your own web page to link back to this one.

  3. Image Embed - will create a clickable image link back to this page.

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