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How to resize photos

Its very important to keep photos sizes as small as possible. If they are too big it will be very hard for people to download them and uses too many resources on our server.

When you upload photos to this site, they will be resized automatically but if that process fails you will have to re-size them yourself and upload again.

If you are scanning a photo try to keep the resolution down as far as possible, 75 DPI or lower.

If you are using a digital camera try to keep the pixel resolution down as far as possible. 800 x 600 or 640 x 480 is fine but 320 x 240 is probably a bit to small.

  • Windows Users There are many good programs available to process photos. PhotoShop is very good but might be a bit too expensive. Another good choice is Paint Shop Pro which can be bought and downloaded for about £40

  • Linux / FreeBSD The GIMP comes free with many distros.

  • Mac OSX PhotoShop is also available for the Mac.

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