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Winner Brighton Artist of the Year UK 2004
Nominated for the Ambassadors Art Prize Belguim 2005
Nominated for the Women's Art Show Basingstoke UK 2005
Short listed for the Brighton Festival Art Prize UK 2004

Caia Matheson is an Award Winning Contemporary British Painter whose highly acclaimed oil paintings on canvas are in Exhibitions and Private Collections worldwide.
Born in Johannesburg educated in Tokyo and London Caia takes her inspiration from these diverse cultures.

"My work is dictated by a fascination for wabi-sabi or the beauty of imperfection. I like to use a mixture of materials to achieve rich vibrant colours. I build the paintings up in layers and then scratch off and over layer again like a palimpcest."

Currently based in Brighton, UK Caia has been working as a professional Artist for over 15 years.


My process involves mixtures of oil paints and dyes applied with household sponges to canvases laid on the floor.
The paintings are built up in layers and then scratched off and layered over again therefore exposing the previous work as in a palimpcest.

These layers are designed to expose different elements of the composition in variable lighting so that images hidden in daylight appear in the evening.
The shifting metaphoric nature of my work comes from an interest in things that are hidden or scratch the surface.
I like to create a world within worlds.

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