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Peter Blue. Photo shoot at McQueens 2015
Photo shoot at McQueens 2015

Peter Blue

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I have been involved with technology for many years. Starting with electronics I moved on to digital electronics, various programming languages and in the last few years web based technologies. ..

I'm competent with modern operating systems like Linux, Windows and FreeBSD and web-based technologies like databases, networks and servers. I also have experience in security and anti-spam techniques. I have experience with both front end and back end technologies.

I spent 20 years in the armed forces and got leadership experience. I've run my own companies so I understand the needs of business.

I have been involved with the design, development, promotion and management of various web-based businesses, often acting as IT Director / CTO

SI7 | Illustration Global | Me on FaceBook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Ambassador @ Cheeky Panda

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