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Eva Mileusnic
Eva Mileusnic

1st Website

The paintings in my art practice reference social and political issues related to the effects of post-World War II European diaspora. Through my work I reflect on personal memories, using my experiences as a first generation British/Hungarian born and brought up in England in the 1960s with "foreign" parents. In my work I allude to ideas on the theory of acculturation by examining aspects of dual and plural cultural identities and use this insight to reflect on the consequences of cultural hybridity in relation to my own personal experiences and memories from childhood.

The process I use in my paintings is one of digitally altering found and family photographs, thereby emulating the distortion of memory over time and space. I then use these newly created images by painting or printing them onto a variety of medium/surfaces, eg. family tablecloths; representative of "home".

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