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Melissa Budasz
Melissa Budasz

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Melissa Budasz is an artist and curator. She is a director of South London Women Artists (SLWA) and the founder and editor of ArtVerve Magazine, on women's art, an SLWA publication. She studied painting at Camberwell and Norwich Schools of Art, graduating in 1997. Her interests are in the history of art, specifically, the narrative of women in art history and the cultural ideas about beauty, gender, and power. She blogs regularly and writes articles on her practice, collaborations, exhibitions and research projects and publications. A multi-media painter, her work connects to symbolic and discursive systems such as myth, philosophy and psychoanalysis referencing nature, the female body and literature in an allegorical way. This process of transformation evolves through the rhythms of movement, vision and tactility, infused with autobiographical, psychological, and sexual content.

Twitter: @melissabudasz

Studio: Brookmill Studios, The Old Seager Distillery, Norfolk House, Deptford, London

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