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Dagmara Rudkin
Dagmara Rudkin

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I am a Brighton-based visual artist. Even though I often work with stories, these are a pretext to create moody, poetic pieces that cross boundaries of painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation and moving image. I think of my work as poetic and gaudy, witty and over-embellished, a contemplation and a celebration of the rites of passage told by European mythology.

My current project deals with the narrative nature of objects and materials and it is inspired by the story of Persephone and I am working on series of 2D and 3D work that looks at the Ordinary and the Sacred. I create body prints and embroidery on domestic surfaces, paper garments, oil paintings that contain household objects and paintings inspired by my Polish childhood, Catholic depictions of the Virgin Mary, ancient depictions of fertility figures and 70's feministic art. Although my paintings and photographs of installations exist in their own right, my aim is to ultimately film and animate them to make a short film that will contemplate the Persephone's myth: our longing for arresting time, parental fear of losing a child, sexual awakening, fertility, seasons, resurrection and the Feminine Principle.

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