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Beata Korabiowska
Beata Korabiowska

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My main aim is to achieve a connection between people and places, creating a platform for expression, experience and moments of reflection.

Born in Lublin, Poland, I discovered from an early age that painting and poetry came quite naturally to me, but more importantly these two forms of expression were highly enjoyable and uplifting. Receiving a thank-you letter from Pope John Paul II for one of my poems at the tender age 14 gave me further impetus to develop and pursue
my talents.

I’ve been living in London since 1988, and have been purposefully seeking out and absorbing this city's wonderfully varied, historic and colourful atmosphere. Its cultural diversity and heritage proving inexhaustible and inspiring.


My subject matter is wide and varied, but I’m sure you’ll have notice my love affair with horses; a passion that started as a child and was later greatly influenced by my Spiritual Uncle Maciej Falkiewicz and a great friend, (a worldwide recognised artist) and his love of breeding horses.
Horses for me are an expression of freedom, they posses an ethereal and magical quality that can be truly felt.


My artworks become a metaphor an expression of my poetic encounter between myself and the horse. My personal presence as the visible subject half-female half-horse.
A practice through a process of experimentation and implementation.
My independent creative visual ideas and how as an artist I see them.

I hope my work provides moments of pleasure.

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