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Caroline List
Caroline List
Caroline List
Caroline List
Caroline List

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The overall theme of my work is how aspects of perception can be expressed through the figure, as perception is a central and unique feature of all living beings.

My work is framed by questions such as how, for instance, impressions are turned into thoughts and inner mental pictures, how individuals are influenced and shaped by their experiences and vice versa and how this gives them a unique outlook to the world.

The subjectivity of the theme results in a constant exploration of how my personal daily impressions are processed, linked and merged with previous experiences, ideas and memories in the mind. These new clusters of ideas are then transformed into individual figures.

In my recent work I have moved from the medium of collage towards a more three dimensional, relief-like approach, to fully explore how material can become part of the narrative of an image.

I am interested in how the process of an ongoing cycle of perceptions continues through the viewers, who bring the figure to life by adding their own associations and ideas.


2000-2002 Bildkunst Akademie Hamburg,Germany
2002-2006 BA Illustration, Edinburgh College of Art, First Class Degree
2006-2007 Mdes Illustration, Edinburgh College of Art

Group Exhibitions

2006 Image Nation-Contemporary Illustration from Scotland. Collins
Gallery, Glasgow
2006 London Artist Book Fair
2007 Smallprint/Big Impression-International Mini Print Exhibition.
Leicester Print Workshop, Leicester
2007 ABC Exhibition of Artist's Books. The University of Northampton
2008 Glasgow Artist Book Fair
2008 By Leaves We Live. Artist Book Fair at the Poetry Library, Edinburgh
2008 Open Here. 500 Years of Printing in Scotland. Edinburgh College of
2008 A Book For a Lifetime. The Artspace and Moufflon Bookshop and
Publications in collaboration with the Goethe Institute. Nicosia,
2008 Annual Print Show. Studio 889, New York City
2009 Painted Word - Images and Words from Scotland. Lang Byre Gallery,
2009 Images 33 - British Contemporary Illustration. London College of
2010 Hidden Door Art Festival - Roxy Art Centre, Edinburgh
2010 Glasgow Artist Book Fair
2010 Hidden Door Art Festival 2. Roxy Art Center Edinburgh
2010 Midnight Clear. Doubtfire Gallery Edinburgh
2011 The Affordable Artfair. The Framed Gallery Edinburgh
2011 Images 35 - British Contemporary Illustration. Bankside Gallery,
2011 Deep and Crisp and Even. Doubtfire Gallery Edinburgh
2012 Postcards to Japan. IMA Twate Museum of Art, Morioka, Japan
2012 Tinderbox Gig (collaboration with Hidden Door and Tinderbox Youth
Orchestra.Queenshall Edinburgh
2012/13 A Doubtfire Winter.Doubtfire Gallery Edinburgh
2013/14 Kunstsupermarkt Frankfurt am Main, Germany, annual exhibition
2013/14 Kunstsupermarkt Berlin, Germany, annual exhibition
2013/14 Kunstsupermarkt Vienna, Austria, annual exhibition
2014 Art in Shoe Boxes. North Edinburgh Art Centre
2014/15 Kunstsupermarkt Hamburg, Germany, annual exhibition
2014/15 Kunstsupermarkt Vienna, Austria, annual exhibition
2015 Curious Call: Notions of Heart and Mind. Coburg House Gallery
2016 Smallprint International Mini Print Exhibition. Leicester Print
Workshop, Leicester
2016 Edinburgh MacMillan Art Show. Bonham’s Auction House, Edinburgh
2016 Auction 10x8. Stills Gallery Edinburgh
2016/17 Kunstsupermarkt Vienna, Austria, annual exhibition
2016/17 Smallprint International Mini Print Exhibition. Leicester Print
Workshop, Leicester
2017 Stills 40th Anniversary Auction.Stills Gallery Edinburgh
2018 Kunsttage Marburg, 'Innen und Aussen'. Schlossmuseum Marburg, Marburg,Germany

Duo Exhibitions

2012 Bird Conversations.Newington Library Edinburgh(with Aremy Steward)
2012/13 Heart Seekers:Heart Eaters. Edinburgh Central Library(with Mairi

Prizes and Awards

2005 Andrew Grant Memorial Travelling Scholarship, Edinburgh College of Art
2006 Pointsize Associate Prize, Pointsize Associate, Glasgow
2006 shortlisted for V&A Illustration Student Competition, London
2007 shortlist prize The Art of Nurture Student Art Competition.
Lloyds TSB Scotland
2007 2nd prize The Art of Nurture Student Art Competition, Lloyds TSB, London
2011 Gold Award for the category Book - Images 35, AOI London


Pointsize Associate, Glasgow
Edinburgh College of Art
The University of Brighton
The University of Northampton
Glasgow School of Art

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