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Laura H Elliott
Laura H Elliott

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I have been represented by Degree Art Gallery, London since 2013 and additionally exhibit at Gallery Fifty Five, Hartley Whitney, Berkshire.

I am the same in the arts as I am with life and learning, inquisitive and driven. Whilst studying for a diploma in Art and Design during 2002/03 I created two mixed media abstract expressionist paintings: 'Landscape Moods 1: Torn' and 'Landscape Moods 2: Joy'. These two paintings started a creative process and I started painting them in series, which I titled as the 'Landscape Moods Series'. These mixed media paintings are not just inspired by landscapes I have seen but are additionally driven by my emotions, hence the use of the word 'Moods'.

It was in 2009 that I have began to explore the idea that my series of 'Moods' paintings could be additionally produced in concert with my enduring passion of clay. This medium draws on my experience in 'traditional' ceramics, yet has a transformation when fired into metal work. I used my series of 'Landscape Moods' paintings as inspiration for designs and my technique of building up my paintings in the way I created each piece, layer upon layer. My metal clay designs are additionally inspired by my life-long love of sparkle and I include genuine gemstones in both facetted and bead form with my metal clay designs. I have called this series of jewellery the 'Landscape Gems' series.

More of my work can be seen via this quick link at:

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