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Natalie Sirett
Natalie Sirett

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​Natalie Sirett trained in Fine Art at Newcastle University and The Royal Academy SChools. She is the Stirling Maxwell Fellow at Glasgow University and has exhibited extensively in the UK.

​Artist Statement
The tales we tell, to ourselves and to each other, reveal a huge amount about what it is to be human. In my practice, I explore stories and stereotypes embedded in our culture that prompt and guide behaviour. I am currently intrigued by female icons from Eve and Lilith, to Pandora and Barbie; using the imagery and narratives of these characters to raise questions about a woman's place in the modern world, most recently in my ongoing portrait series OTHER BRIDES encompasses hollowed-out beauties of fairytale, notorious brides such as Miss Haversham, a drag king bride distancing from her femininity and a drag queen bride yearning towards 'Entering into Natalie Sirett's world is like meeting oneself in a universe subject to completely different rules of recollection. The work is delicate and brutal, sensitive with a bite. Subsequently, one's memory of her storytelling is always full of colour.'
Libby Anson ~ Editor, Arts Writer, Author The A to Z of Art ​ ​

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