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Maria Sullivan

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As a photographer, I often find myself alone in nature, drawn into the isolation and oneness of the landscape, taking in its expression and variable moods, while altering mine. When in nature I feel how precarious and transient it is, and I'm always excited just before I capture that moment of stillness, before it's lost forever.
It's here that you have one chance, never to be repeated. And you must commit your full attention. And this is where my gaze penetrates deeper, into its existence. Where everything becomes alive and the deeper resonance of life claws its way to the surface.
My work is abstract by nature and I'm attracted mainly to the theme of 'Water'. While alone with my thoughts and feelings, I visualize and process artistically through the medium of photography.

This is when I am able to capture the beauty of nature in motion, and I'm drawn to the fragility of water, juxtaposed against its continual strength and impermanence, and how my own emotions seem to mimic its expression.

In a moment it can become a beautiful figure, being pulled this way and that, bursting with tension. And I want to be able to photograph the exact moment when the essence of its spirit becomes realised.

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