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British Women Artists (BWA) was established in 2008, by multi-disciplined artist Jo Wonder, and software entrepreneur Peter Blue as a medium for women artists living and working in the UK to showcase their work.

JoWonder born Joanna Woodward, is a writer, animator, visual artist and performer. Her work creates a magical irony stolen from myth and tradition in folklore, literature and painting. .

Her animated film 'The Brooch Pin And The Sinful Clasp, was internationally acclaimed and aired on Channel 4 Television; subsequently The Wellcome Trust commissioned her to make a painting in bacteria of John Millais Ophelia; she has since explored stand up comedy as performance art, and performed an extract from her decoupage book with live animated projections (Phoenix Gallery, Brighton 2016).

I aim to give a voice to issues and entities that would otherwise remain silent. And hope to speak on divides, from the spaces in between.

Historically, there has been a great disparity in art and an even greater disparity for women artists. BWA was set up as a means to extend the boundaries of what was perceived as important and of historic notability, beyond the traditional ideas, with the ultimate goal being to build an archive of artists that may otherwise pass without any notoriety.

On meeting Peter, who for the last 10 years has been involved with many web-based projects - which typically feature partial or total automation, database back-ends, built-in SEO and anti-spam systems - they decided to utilize the internet as here there were none of the usual boundaries that existed in the world of traditional publishing.

They hope this site will instigate debate about art, politics and society. It attempts to bring together different issues to stimulate the development of new forms of art that deal with everyday global themes.

A rich vein of visual artists working in the UK whose work is dynamic, sincere, and full of meaning has been uncovered.
Artist JoWonder Entrepreneur & Investor Peter Blue


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