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Pin up Bra

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Pin up bra (2018)

Eva Hesse’s Accession ii was a big inspiration for this piece. Accession ii is a metal box filled with lots of plastic tubing coming from each wall of the box facing inward. I wanted to create something that looked quite organic as well as sort of industrial. Playing with the idea of soft vs hard. Hesse’s piece enticed people to want to play with it, and a few people even got inside her work, because they couldn’t resist the urge not to touch it. For me, this work sparks that feeling, and although it looks sharp and painful, I still want to touch it.

Although not intentional, this piece, has become a sort of representation of how wearing a bra feels. They’re uncomfortable and can sometimes be a little painful, yet they’re also made to look pretty and sometimes quite glamorous, maybe to try and make you forget how uncomfortable they are?

  Pin up Bra
Pin up Bra


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