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The Scream, performance includes quotes from the film 'The Great Dictator.'

It's no surprise to me that the worlds greatest speech wasn't made by a politician, leader, dictator or philosopher. It was written and performed by comic actor Charlie Chaplin, 74 years ago. Spoken by Charlie Chaplin in his film 'The Great Dictator;' it remains one of the most rousing and poignant speeches on film.

The last part of the speech after predicting hw greed will 'goose march us to misery'... the speech becomes suitably esoteric: 'Look up.... The soul of man has been given wings, and at last he is beginning to fly. He is flying into the rainbow – into the light of hope, into the future, the glorious future that belongs to you, to me, and to all of us...'

  The "SCREAM"


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