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Photo of Jill Eastland Photo of Jill Eastland
Photo of Jill Eastland
Photo of Jill Eastland
 Jill Eastland  

My work is strongly research based, usually beginning with a social, political or environmental issue of concern. I rarely confine myself to one media and often move from one media to another, being primarily led by the subject matter. I enjoy making evident the artifices of different media and the links between them, for example painting from photographs of a film shown on television and including the screen?s frame and the lines of interference produced on the camera. I particularly favour painting and drawing, but also produce text based work, photography, sculpture and textiles. I often employ multiples, to create a more detailed discussion of a theme and I tend to produce open-ended bodies of work, as well as finished pieces. My work is often very detailed and can contain elements of realism and abstraction together.
I enjoy collecting things and these collections are often incorporated in my work. Often the things I collect are used as painting surfaces, for instance I have collected hundreds of coloured plastic bottle tops and have recently begun to paint miniatures of endangered species on them. There is usually an installation aspect to my work, so that things are displayed in ways which are sensitive to the social and physical environment in which they are placed. I have a strong sense of place and frequently exhibit work in less conventional spaces that are more accessible to a wider audience. I have worked in venues, such as warehouses, pubs and museums, as well as art galleries. I am very keen on working collaboratively and being active in my local community and often work on projects with groups of artist who might not otherwise have opportunities to access resources or exhibit and sell work. I am a trained and experienced teacher and I enjoy sharing ideas and leading or assisting with workshops, discussions etc.


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