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Touched, Japan 2011

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Liz Atkin is a visual artist based in London. With a background in theatre and dance, physicality underpins her creative practice. She was a Fellowship Artist at the Akiyoshidai International Art Village in Japan in August 2011. Liz worked hard to make the residency happen, overcoming funding disappointments and months of applications, but she says the experience was life changing:

“My artistic practice was tested in long hours of solitude. It was incredibly challenging. However, with patience, subtle elements of Japan began to influence my work. New films emerged – full body movement, and strange photographs of miniature paintings. I was influenced by insects and the elements. I barely recognise some of the work as coming from my hand. It’s a very different ‘voice’ to the one I know, the fascination with skin shifting. It has come from a new place of acceptance, a new connected creativity to the elements, to nature, to organic forms, sensations and movements within the body and outside it. “(Liz Atkin)

  Touched, Japan 2011


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