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Help on how to upload, cross-load, re-size photos

General Points

  1. While it's tempting to photograph (or scan) your artwork at the highest quality, it's also important to keep the resulting photo file small enough to upload and display on this website.
  2. As a general rule try to keep the resolution inside 2000 x 2000 pixels. The typical monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, so uploading photos much larger than this results in a lot of wasted space and time.

Re-sizing Photos

  1. The easiest way is to photograph (or scan) at a lower resolution.
  2. If that can't be done, there are many photo editing apps for Windows, Mac and Linux

Un-hiding Artwork

  • When your subscription expires your artwork will get hidden.
  • To un-hide :-

    1. Click "Your Art". Your art should appear
    2. Click "Edit". This will take you to the edit page
    3. Click "Show"
    4. Click "Update Artwork"
    5. Repeat as needed.

  • If you enter hidden artwork into the competition it will be un-hidden automatically.

Uploading Photos - Desktop

  1. Ensure the photo is small enough to be uploaded.
  2. If you are uploading new artwork :-

    • Click "Upload"
    • Enter a title and description of your artwork
    • Click "Update Artwork"

  3. Click "Choose File"
  4. Locate the photo file on your PC and click "Open"
  5. Click "Upload Photo" - there will be a delay
  6. Click "Accept Artwork Photo"

Uploading Photos - Tablet

  1. If you are uploading new artwork :-

    • Click "Upload"
    • Enter a title and description of your artwork
    • Click "Update Artwork"

  2. Click "Choose File", your tablet 'should' invoke the camera
  3. Take a photo. Different tablets will handle this in different ways.
  4. When you're back on the BWA website click "Upload Photo" - there will be a delay.
  5. Click "Accept Artwork Photo"
  6. Click " Rotate -90° / +90° " to rotate the photo if needed.

Cross-Loading Photos

  1. This allows you to transfer a photo from another website to this one
  2. Enter the photo's URL in the box named "Enter URL of image"
  3. The easiest way to get the URL is to :-

    • Right-click on the photo (a small panel should appear)
    • Click "Open image in new tab"
    • Click that new tab and get the URL from the address bar.

  4. Click "Transfer Photo"
  5. Click "Accept Artwork Photo"

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