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Marguerite Horner

Winner British Women Artists 2018

Marguerite Horner

The British Women Artist Competition, open to artists of any nationality working in the UK, is a way to highlight an artist that may be brilliant but rather overlooked. The judges this year: Liz Aggiss, Sadie Hennessy, and Alice Herrick have selected Marguerite Horner for this year's prestigious award via her painting 'Exit'; they commented on her work:

"These enigmatic works, with their spare, melancholy atmospherics, resonated deeply with me, and made Horner a clear winner in my book. All 3 of her works were on my shortlist"

Sadie Hennessy

"Marguerite Horner was the outstanding winner for me. Her exquisite, grisaille paintings quietly conjure profound emotion, drama and dreams, reminiscent of scenes from a Hitchcock film or the bleak cityscapes of Edward Hopper."

Alice Herrick

"Such accomplished work, wonderful aesthetic clarity and refined delivery made this an easy unanimous decision. Congratulations."

Liz Aggiss

Marguerite Horner


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