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Links to partner websites

  • Blacks Private Club, Soho, London (UK)

  • New site that looks like an online magazine.

  • Alpha is an online magazine featuring articles about art, finance, technology, fashion and more.

  • Dingoes & Marsupial Lions is about a book describing how smaller, nimbler companies can often out-manoeuvre larger companies - sometimes to the point of extinction.

  • London is a website about London, it's clubs, hotels and various professions.

  • Whos Who on the Web is a list of some of the big names out there.

  • VIP - Very Important Profiles is a list of some of the important people on the Internet.

  • Open Source Writing is a website that allows you to add your own chapters to exiting stories.

  • Delta is an online magazine soon to be ready.

  • Xray is an online magazine in the pipeline.

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