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The first tool I stepped on turned into a weapon

by Zoe Francis Spowage :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

This piece is named after and references the poem about garden tools by Robert Frost

The objection to being stepped on

At the end of the row
I stepped on the toe
Of an unemployed hoe.
It rose in offense
And struck me a blow
In the seat of my sense.
It wasn't to blame
But I called it a name.
And I must say it dealt
Me a blow that I felt
Like a malice prepense.
You may call me a fool,
But was there a rule
The weapon should be
Turned into a tool?
And what do we see?
The first tool I step on
Turned into a weapon.

Pastel and paint on canvas approx 2000mm x 1000mm

  The first tool I stepped on turned into a weapon


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