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Lavas and Pips

by Zoe Francis Spowage :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

This piece uses text taken from my brothers poem

William A G Spowage

Picnic in the Valley?

Backing track leafs ash the field
Sublime yield of goosebumps
Avery shield calmly meets dead centre
Leave it for replica credential
Copy cat central
In knowledge that rent is due
Amidst natures lobby reaching for fruits
Rancid estimation with hands coiled weighty
Speak of pips and lavas that spray me
Pound O’ pressure O’ crush
Bird of prey be done by angle that induce the liquid.
Obscene this here picnic!
Tartan and limp wick all lemon zest and snotty
Wrapped in a shawl balling toward dusk
Coffee and rust,
the sun
Mustard catapult a sneeze
Elven greens badger cough syrup blues
Mixed emotions in the valley
Jaded against dewy sunset and brolly
Wedge wood hobby we amplify dossing

Approx 2000 x 2000 mm
Acrylic and pastel on linen

  Lavas and Pips


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