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Erwin and his Cat

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Erwin and his Cat. Date: 2022
Hand coloured giclée print, on German etching .
Dimensions: 254 x 304.8 mm 10 x 12 inches.
If you wish to purchase the print please contact me via facebook via Jowonder Woodward.

Subject: Erwin Schrodinger and his Cat.

Erwin Schrodinger was was a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian-Irish physicist who developed a thought experiment called "Schrödinger's cat" where because of the problem with depicting something as both a particle and a wave, he created the ironic story about a cat both alive and dead. I thought what greater subject for a picture could there be.

I also curated an exhibition on the theme of Schrodinger's Cat with 21 artists in London at the Bookery Gallerie in 2022.

  Erwin and his Cat
Erwin and his Cat


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