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Skimmer Bream

by Elaine Newington Ward :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

The picture was created to illustrate a book of poems about a fisherman. The poet decided not to publish and does not wish to be acknowledged.

The poem, Skimmer Bream, creates an analogous picture of catching a fish and life itself.

The sky and the water become one as life and death are interwoven. The 'rippled air and earth and fish' are confused as the poet's thoughts flit from a melancholy wreath of death to 'the flash of silver hope'. This picture conveys the 'breach which shatters through boundaries' with obvious reference to the surrealism of a misplaced Magritte-style sky.

The abstraction of ideas in this poem has allowed me to digitally create a surreal representation of the poet's reality.

  Skimmer Bream


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