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Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

by Stacey Guthrie :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

Acrylic on board in antique gilt frame. I was inspired to paint this by the scene in 'Titanic' where the character, Rose strips off to be drawn by true character, Jack. As well as being a lighthearted poke at the ridiculousness of the scene the painting also refers too the many roles women have to adopt and how we have been historically represented in paintings. I decided to portray a mix of the roles we have to play in order to challenge the viewer to categorise both myself and the painting. I also intended to challenge the concept of the 'Male Gaze' by adopting a clearly sexualised pose whilst wearing rubber gloves and a frilly apron. The aim of this was to challenge the viewer to 'gaze' at an ordinary woman in her entirety.

I am an artist, mother and grandmother, living and working in West Cornwall. I have recently added painting to my practice.

  Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls


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