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Woman With Tea Towel On Her Head

by Stacey Guthrie :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

Acrylic on reclaimed board.
This painting refers to 'Portrait of a Man' by Van Eyk. When I was considering painting a series of self portraits I considered how portraits of women com pared historically to portraits of me. In 'Portrait of a Man' the man has a luxurious swathe of red silk wrapped around his head and a sumptuous fur collar. In contrast I decided to paint myself with a tea towel on my head. The painting also refers to the madness and loss of sense of self and self worth that can occur when trapped in an endless cycle of housework.

I am an artist, mother and grandmother, living and working in West Cornwall. I have recently added painting to my practice.

  Woman With Tea Towel On Her Head


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