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Forum Thread: The revolutionary artists of the 60s colourful counterculture | List Threads

Jowonder (3)
Posted: 2017 Jan 12
The year was 1967 and Mike McInnerney had been asked to design the poster for the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream, an event headlined by Pete Townshend, Pink Floyd and Yoko Ono.

The gig at London's Alexandra Palace was an all-night 'free-speech benefit' for Europe's first underground newspaper, the International Times, which had just been raided by the police for allegedly breaking the obscenity laws. Storming the basement of the Indica bookshop in London's Southampton Row, they had taken away posters, books and magazines.

Rock stars queued up to play the benefit as a gesture of solidarity, which gave McInnerney, then art editor of the International Times, a huge headache. "The list of people kept expanding," he says, "so I had to use Letraset to keep adding names."

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