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C J Harris117
C J Harris117

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Caroline Jane Harris explores the intricacies of nature through a labour intensive paper-cutting technique. She is fascinated by the phenomena of nature; the endless geometric symmetries found in all levels of existence. Using photographs of tree formations as her starting point, Harris manipulates images which are printed digitally, layered and cut by hand. The hand allows for natural distortions which induce the random, chaotic and asymmetrical - the antithesis of the digital conception. Harrisʼs imagery becomes infinite and self-referential - like bronchi of a lung, river networks, neuron activity and fractals existing over many scales of magnification. Caroline explores the dichotomy in science and art, traditional processes and contemporary practices. Harris pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved from paper, one of the simplest of art materials.

Born: 1987 London. Lives and works in London UK

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