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Michelle Cobbin
Michelle Cobbin

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My practice is predominately abstract painting. I tend to make work in series, taking a theme as a starting point, which might be the landscape, a still life composition, a photograph or a concept.

The making process is primarily orientated to "being in the moment", exploring and responding to materials as contingent forms to be worked, shaped and recreated into something new. It is the spontaneity and dynamism of this process that makes the practice of art worthwhile for me. Though I often make work in series and have particular movements and forms in mind when I begin a piece, the final outcome is not planned in advance but takes shape as each work progresses. Giving space and accommodation for accident, circumstance and organic digression is an important aspect of the process.

The influences upon my work are diverse. Notably they include Zen calligraphy, Abstract Expressionism and the work of the Cornwall Artists. I am also inspired by my interest in yoga and Buddhist meditation.

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