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Sadie Memphis Hennessy
Sadie Memphis Hennessy

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Sadie Hennessy, is a practising artist specialising in collage and printmaking. Her work tends to revel in incongruity, absurdity, and disruptions in what we think of as normality. She likes to scratch at the veneer of civilised society and its mores, to find the darkness underneath. She often uses humour in her work, though it usually comes from the blacker end of the comic spectrum.

Her work has been exhibited regularly around the UK (and beyond), with recent solo projects in London, Margate, Coventry & Birmingham. She completed a year-long print-making residency at Croydon Art College, and her work was featured in the 'Girls Aren't Funny' exhibition, curated by Catherine Magnani & Tinsel Edwards, which showed the idea that girls aren’t funny is a joke

She has prints in the UCL collection and they are also a part of the Victoria & Albert Museum's Permanent Print Collection.

She is currently Screen Print Fellow at the Royal Academy.

Sadie Hennessy

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