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Angela C. Smith
Angela C. Smith

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In my work I set out to continue and develop the aspect of sculpture that is concerned with creating permanent, visual and physical imagery, shapes that stimulate an imaginative, emotional or sensory response. What the work looks and feels like, what it is made of and how it is made, how it interacts with the space it occupies, how it engages with light and what it is like to move around it while looking at it, are primary sources of interest and meaning.

The images grow from my experience and perception of the physical world and a love of the natural materials that I work with. They explore and develop the poetic quality of form and space. I usually start with a drawing, which might be detailed and observational, an intuitive impression or abstract. The drawing will reveal themes of shape and space which I model in clay. I then carve the final version in wood or stone. As well as drawing, I also study maths as a way of exploring physical form. I visit the Welsh coast regularly to study the coastal shapes and landscape.

I was born in London in 1950 and am mainly self-taught.

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