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chrissy guest
chrissy guest

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I'm a professional artist living and working in Sussex.


My artistic journey is two fold. Firstly there's my physical visual journey. We are surrounded by a myriad of natural and man made structures. As I travel through, I'm constantly observing, sketching, photographing and committing to memory, all that I find visually interesting.

Secondly, my journey is carrying me towards my own artistic perfection. I'm absorbed by a search to create the unusual and to this end I'm constantly experimenting. My focus is on materials and process.

My work conveys power, fragility, mood, tranquillity and the passage of time, Often concentrating on the physicality of edges and boundaries, I'm drawn towards the horizon. With my paint, texture, and mark making, I'm capturing today's natural environment, which will always exude the presence of a powerful past. Each canvas has a personal history manifest in autobiographical layers of paint and added elements.

My paintings gradually move beyond a representation of place, they are about the absolute absorption of the inner artist.

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