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Lucy Ash. Lucy Ash in her studio
Lucy Ash in her studio

Lucy Ash

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Lucy Ash is a British abstract painter who uses texture and colour to convey meaning. She blends ideas of time, mathematics and rhythm to represent emotional responses to love, death and injustice. Lucy’s practice is to develop series of paintings rather than one off works, enabling an in-depth exploration around specific themes.

Her paintings have been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions in the UK, in New York and Amsterdam. Her work Iris 02 has recently been acquired by Southampton City Art Gallery for their permanent collection. Lucy’s work is highly sought after by private collectors and she has undertaken several commissions.

An active supporter of LGBTQ Rights, Lucy exhibited the series ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’, in 2011, designed to raise awareness of hate-crimes, following the brutal homophobic attack on Ian Baynham.

Lucy was born to a mathematician/inventor father Michael Edward Ash and Canadian mother Dulcie (née Orme). She was a student at Central Saint Martins followed by Camberwell College of Art where she studied sculpture and gained her BA. With a background in film animation, Lucy’s paintings draw directly on the storyboard narrative of film.

In addition to exchanging computer-generated images for the visceral physicality of paint, Lucy found time to research and write an acclaimed cookbook ‘A Taste of Astrology’ (Knopf 1988, Sainsbury’s 1993) which was serialised by Gourmet Magazine USA.

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