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In my life art has been a way to raise social political issues in contemporary society and such themes have been the main essence of my practice. I have realized work in response to the atrocities of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to the society of control fed by technology and to the abstract world of rules to which I belonged during my years of practicing as a Lawyer and as a student in Law School. In my work I have also experimented with different type of media: paintings, sculptures, videos and installations.

Currently I am a part-time Art Development specialist at Newham ndp. This has been a rewarding experience and has allowed me to gain a real practical experience in designing and executing art programs for youth at risk. This activity has strengthened my leadership skills and has motivated me to serve as a catalyst for social change in the Newham community area.

Since I have graduated in 2007 at Middlesex University, I have been practicing as an artist and independent curator.

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