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Samar F Zia. Bahishti Cultures, Solo Exhibition at Fitzrovia Chapel
Bahishti Cultures, Solo Exhibition at Fitzrovia Chapel

Samar F Zia

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Samar F Zia's practice is informed by myth, religion and science, particularly biotechnology, punctuated with elements of fantasy and anthropomorphism. It derives from personal experience, memory and her imaginations as a child. Chimera’s imagined as a youth in response to religious stories and rationale, appear as recurring motifs in her visuals to express concerns regarding creation/production, both natural and unnatural. Overwhelming research on biotechnology - it’s use and abuse of nature and animals to satiate human curiosity, consumption, and insecurity - led her to elevate the realm of biotechnology to the level of religion, creating deities out of hybrid animals.
Trained as a painter and miniaturist Zia's practice has evolved significantly; owing to her desire to experiment with material and media she has explored materials and genre's of art-making ranging from painting, drawing, soft and 2D sculpture to sound and video installations. Zia has exhibited widely in Pakistan and London. She holds an MA FA from Central Saint Martins in London where she lives and practices.

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