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Samarfzia. Bahishti Cultures, Solo Exhibition at Fitzrovia Chapel
Bahishti Cultures, Solo Exhibition at Fitzrovia Chapel


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Zia has exhibited widely in Pakistan and London. She holds an MA FA from Central Saint Martins in London where she lives and practices.

Samar F Zia is fascinated with the idea of using biotechnology to affect the natural order of things. Through her practice, Zia aims to realize the pseudo-natural products humans are capable of constructing through technology and their implications for humanity while attempting to establish the sanctity of nature.

Trained as a painter and miniaturist Zia\'s art has evolved significantly; owing to her desire to experiment with material and media she has explored materials such as muslin, gauze and gel medium, while also crafting sound and video installations. Utilizing scientific development and curious materials her aim is to make art that is both challenging for her and intellectually stimulating for her audience.

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